As some of you may know from my updates on Twitter, I spent a number of months at the beginning of this year working on a project to create 1000 emojis.

It gives me great pleasure to finally share the first 1/4 of this project with you!

The work was for a social networking app called LINE. A South-Korean/Japanese company who’s largely asian user base currently reaches over 400 million people! LINE is similar to other messaging apps like Whatsapp but has a much greater emphasis on visuals rather than text. (Which is where I come in!)

At the beginning of the year I was contacted by LINE’s new LA office to help start creating illustrations that would appeal to the US & European markets it’s approaching. 

The project was big, enormous actually - I was asked to create 1000 emojis in just 10 weeks and in order to meet that deadline I had to supply 100 illustrations a week. This meant that for the best part of 3 months I was working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. I actually watched the seasons pass from winter to spring outside my window and even warped the nail out of shape on my drawing finger due to holding a pen for so long each day! 

I don’t tend to write too much personal stuff in these blog posts as it’s probably not of much interest to many of you, but I am going to buck the trend slightly on this occasion and (as Jack Hughes would say) get a bit emosh - Because this project was by far the most challenging thing I have ever done. I owe a huge amount of gratitude to my girlfriend who helped me through it! She basically fed and watered me like a plant for 3 months as I sat rooted to my computer and I genuinely couldn’t have done it without her.

However, overall, despite the rather extreme working hours this project was incredibly exciting to be a part of and I am very happy with the outcome. I feel proud that so many people are using my drawings to communicate with one another - it’s quite a surreal thought actually!

Also drawing at that size was a challenge I really enjoyed and despite having to increase my regular line width by about 20x I still feel the work remains true to my style.

LINE has now released the first 250/1000 of my emojis as default on the app for everyone to use. The next 750 will be released sporadically over the coming weeks.

Above are a few of my favourites from the ones that have been released 

If you would like to check them out and use them for yourself just download the app for free, it’s available on all smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia)

If you decide to do so add me on LINE! My LINE I.D is - danwoodger

Lastly as this is just a 1/4 of the whole project, there is still an awful lot to document and considering the amount of time & effort it took to complete I want to make sure that when LINE release the rest of the emojis I document everything fully - So I am currently looking for a film editor to help me document this project and if you’d be interested in helping me with this please send me an email.

You can find all my contact details here.


P.S - Many thanks to the super art direction of Jenny who gave me this fantastic opportunity

(Источник: typetoy)


Sunsets and sunrises seen from the International Space Station.

(Источник: eol.jsc.nasa.gov из блога science-is)


Anatomical illustration showing nerves of the human body, Iran, 19th century, Wellcome Library, London.



Anatomical illustration showing nerves of the human body, Iran, 19th century, Wellcome Library, London.

(со страницы scientificillustration)